“And the third night…”: Why Things Come in Triplets in Fairy tales

It’s neither on the first day, nor on the second but on the third day that she found out his name…

Waiting until the third night comes around, having granted three wishes or being the good one out of three siblings is something so natural to fairy tales that we almost forget to question why the number 3 plays such an important role in fairy tales.

In the fifth episode, Laury explores the meaning of the number three in fairy tales and why it’s better to list three examples, instead of four.


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2 thoughts on ““And the third night…”: Why Things Come in Triplets in Fairy tales

  1. Oh I loved the podcast! Super interesting and now that I listened to it I also found many examples of the importance of number 3! the 3 fairies in the Sleeping Beauty, the 3 sisters in Charmed, the 3 wishes of the genius in Aladdin…so many examples! I liked it very much. I’m very curious now about the numbers 7 and 12. The 7 dwarves in Snowhite and the 12 rings in Lord of the Rings!! 😍
    I have to add, btw, that you have the perfect voice for this, super sweet ! 😊

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